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A rich and gorgeous sugar baby by name Deanna S. Russell in San Diego, Canada is seriously looking for a strong, energetic, vibrant, humble, vigorous and dynamic sugar boy for a romantic affair.

This sugar mummy is looking for a man between the ages of 25-40 years to share her love life with. She is ready to love you and take care of you to the fullest. She asserted that she will take care of your financial needs whether it’s education or job or money. She has the connection.

This sugar baby is extremely rich. Her Dad got properties worth $1.1 Billion, She is the only daughter of her parent. She will make you rich and happy. All you have to do is to be faithful, respect her wishes and she is all yours.

If you are not in San Diego, Canada but you are ready to relocate from your country to meet with this sugar baby in San Diego, Canada then this sugar baby is yours. She is ready to pay for your flight and VISA fees.

To connect with this sugar baby, read what she said about herself and the kind of man she is looking for;

Hello, Men Just trying this one more site to see if I can find that special someone. I’m new to this so please don’t hold it against me. I like to fish I like to take walks at the beach and I like to take walks on boardwalks docks late at night mainly love to be by the water. I like to sit on the couch and watch movies and also attend the movies. I like to go for drives. I live life fully and don’t like to quarrel, grumble, or complain. I think we have just one life and need to live it as bright as we can. When I’m faced with difficulties I try to see them from a positive point of view. It is not easy but I see a glass half full rather than empty! I notice with a smile on my face things pass easier and deliver joy and some more years of life! I like jokes and you never will be bored next to me. I will be your energizer, your power battery, and muse to inspire for deeds that you hesitate whether to do or not in the past! I am a soft, caring, and warm woman who is generous and caring! I love to walk hand in hand, show the whole world how happy I am. My Dad got properties worth $1.1 Billion, I’m the only daughter of her parent.

My man should accept my style of life. I am simple but if you look deeper into my soul you see an open person who just wants to be happy. I need a man who understands what he really needs and wants. My man should be a one-woman-man of course and be ready to face with difficulties we have before marriage. He needs to be ready to overcome everything together, trust me, and together we overcome whatever God prepares to us! You, my man, need to be ready to see my smile every time I look into your eyes! I will take care of your financial needs whether it’s education or job or money.

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  1. suraj says

    Hi,am suraj from S.A

  2. patrickmatavele says

    Hi I am PEDRO from MOZAMBIQUE i have chalking all dating site looking for you this is to shou you how I am Sirius about your romantic love baby I like the way you explained your filings in your profile I am prepare to satisfy all your romantic nerds I well satisfy you with everything consening love and romance, when o read your profile cheerful I see rightfully woman I have been looking for, baby your beautifulnes is tatching my filings , your beautifulnes is rocking deep in my heart baby I love you baby can we thok on privet my contact for watsapp is my number for watsapp and calls +258 84621 6990

  3. Joseph says

    I’m Joseph. I’m looking for serious women who I will spend my life with.
    Old or young I don’t care.
    poor or rich I don’t care.
    Body type I don’t care. Love and trust I needed Video call is accepted. I Do believe Life is all about love, giving and receiving love,no one has a right to walk in and out of anyone’s life anytime they like,true love is the core of successful couples, people get married because they are scared to be alone not because they made up their mind to spend eternity with their partner, love is the easiest thing to give but some people take it personal and complicated. Its hard to imagine how some people’s heart has turned to stone,not even conscience is found in them,the only thing they ever loved is money,that is one thing that is killing our youths and we the elders, money drives humans insane and desperate that they are ready to trade their love for money, money makes a man stupid and heartless. it is now hard for we to see conservative people that still holds the values of love dear to their heart and gives it value.. WhatsApp +2202562020

  4. Beggie John says

    Am 4rm Nigerian, am 25 year in age,l love someone that is positive and loves life, looking on the bright side. I’m loyal and honest. Most of all I want to have a partner that’s fun and lovin, a partner. I’m looking for a woman that’s as good and more than friend. That combination along with honesty & a strong go along way in a successful relationship. I want a woman who l will satisfy all are need in bedroom .A true friend & faithful woman that will shares all are pain and sorrow. I have a believe you will be happy pls Looking for a respectfully and comprehensive woman who really wants to experience love in its full sense. I will follow you and do anything for you and . this whatsapp my no +23408066708152 my email address

  5. Oguta Hamza says

    Hi my name is oguta Hamza from Uganda Africa I’m 24 year’s old and Am interested pliz contact me on+256777060145 or at

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